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Hedge Trimming Stockwell SW9

Before and After Hedge TrimmingWhen left to the mercy of fate, hedgerows can easily grow out of proportion, losing their form in a short period of time. What better way to take care of yours than booking our expert hedge trimming services in Stockwell SW9? We possess all the necessary skill, competence and professional equipment to take proper care of your hedges, ensuring a denser, healthier growth throughout the year.

No other gardening provider can beat us in terms of pricing – our rates are always set and very competitive to ensure all customers can afford booking our services.

Careful pruning of your hedges can greatly enhance their growth, making them denser and more compact. If you want your hedges to be taken care of by the best of professionals, consider booking our affordable hedge trimming services in Stockwell.

Gardening ServicesPrices
Lawn Mowing £45 /h
Hedge Trimming £45 /h
Tree Pruning on request

Professional Hedge Trimming Stockwell

We will send a team of professionally trained gardeners to inspect the work that is to be undertaken and determine the price for the service in advance. What follows next depends on the age of your hedges.

Here are the advantages we have to offer:

  • Experienced, friendly and fully-equipped gardeners
  • One-off visits or regular hedge maintenance
  • Flat rates, that are easy on any budget
  • Flexible service from Monday to Sunday
  • Free consultations to determine the pricing
  • Fair treatment of all customers
  • Coppicing, topiary and hedge removal
  • Clear results

“Hey, I just came by to say that your hedge trimming service is the best one I have used so far. I have used a couple of others but neither has been so good in a lot of aspects. I like that your prices are practical and the results amazing. ” – Ellen

Hedge Maintenance SW9

Hedge Maintenance StockwellNew hedges need to be cut on a regular basis to enhance their healthy growth. Provided that you have formal hedges in your garden, our team will suggest a regular maintenance plan that suits the hedges’ needs as well as your budget.

Once the hedges have been reduced to a certain height, our team of gardeners will readily tackle with old hedges you want removed from your property. The team might suggest coppicing instead and clip the old hedges to their stems, allowing them to regenerate. Our experts might also perform some topiary work for you and clip your hedges in an ornamental shape.

Interested in giving our hedge trimming services in SW9 London a try? Contact our friendly staff any day and they will readily assist you with your enquiry!